Male High Elf Wizard.


Vanima “[approaches] the shop and [sees] that it is a small building wedged between two larger shops. In the doorway, an elven man is leaning against the frame clutching a half-empty bottle of wine shouting at passersby. He’s wearing a dirty robe with its sleeves rolled up, displaying many ritual brands in swirling, arcane patterns.” -Previous campaign


“I have traveled to the four corners of creation and returned, and brought with me the magics of dozen lost civilizations and more!” -Andoal, first encounter, previous campaign

“‘I am unsure where his travels took him… east, for certain… I believe he must have studied with the Jin Sihr masters… and darker traditions…’
‘But the Andoal that returned was not the one that left, and his second stay at the academy ended… tragically…’
He will say no more on the subject of Andoal.” -XXVI.iv. Apprehension of an Addict.


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