Aglonn Gûl [DEAD]

Male Wood Elf Druid (Defiler). Most Beloved Son of Guruthos.


“He stands, balanced precariously on the broken-off top of the ancient tree. His skin is pale, and the features of his face seems sunken unnaturally. His eyes are a muted yellow, and their sockets are deeply shadowed. His ears are long, sticking out beyond his hair, which is long and tangled white. He is dressed drably in stained leather and faded grey, dark green, and white stained light brown by decades of neglect.”
-XXX. Ennorath Part I. In which the party enters Ennorath and first encounters its denizens.


The origins of Aglonn Gûl are unknown: lost to the mists of time and senility. He first appeared in Ennorath in approx. 9,860 L.C., where he forced the druid king Galdelos out of Tunduven, and claimed the lordship of that settlement and the surrounding lands.

Over the next two centuries, he spread a blight which killed and consumed the forest, creating a dead region which became known as Gwann Amar. In the center of the blight, Tunduven was called Durlithui, and its population suffered under disease, famine, and harsh rule. In 10,060 L.C., Galdelos, aided by the party of Tarien Vanima, drove Aglonn Gûl from Durlithui, destroying it in the process. He flew from the battle, pursued by Galdelos to Agordoll. There, joined by forces of Iaumbar led by Galdelos’s brother Caladmil, Vanima slew him.

Aglonn Gûl [DEAD]

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