World Building, Statecraft, and Romance in a Realm in Decline

Glîr oh Edhil is an ongoing D&D 3.5 campaign (begun in 2007) about the lost and fabled realm of Nostamen, one of the last bastions of an ancient, and decadent elven culture. Beset by war and calamity, the elves of Nostamen have spent the past two centuries in deep isolation within their forest home, fighting for survival against the wilderness, and an ever-encroaching feywood ruled by a powerful and hated foe.

The Prodigal Daughter’s Return

The story follows Vanima Mele, the daughter, and only heir of Thalos, the King of Nostamen. Following an 80 year self-imposed exile in the far north, Vanima returned after being found and persuaded by Kanyn, the lone survivor of a 10 year search for the lost princess.

Now, a stranger in the home of her childhood, Vanima must navigate the contentious relationship with her father, adversarial nobles, a hostile temple, and her quickly mounting responsibilities as a ruler-in-training.

Glîr oh Edhil